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Creating a good Website at an affordable


At expert website design we have more than 10 years of experience and are trained in all the different aspects of Internet Information Technology and Internet Marketing, we have specialists in Website Design, Computer Programming, advertising and Internet Marketing Consulting awarded with Google Adwords and Yahoo Local Ambassador Search Engine Certifications, when our customers need a great website at an "affordable price", it can be done the "right way", with "nice design", checked out by Google to make sure it has "minimum errors" and with all the "technology" to have your website showing on Internet Listings and Search Engines.

When it comes to designing your website we make sure to focus on the "4 bases of Ad Design" which are:
Attract the reader.
Create interest.
Answer needs.
Stimulate action.

The Power of a Website

Miami Dade has a Population of aprox. 2.3 million also the Miami Airport brings aprox. 34 million passengers and the Port of Miami brings another 4 Million, chances are that if you have a website you are increasing your exposure and making it easier for consumers to find you.

There are three ways a consumer ends up on a website:
The consumer knows the website URL.
The consumer clicked on a link from another Website, Online Listing or Map.
The consumer entered a keyword on a search engine site.
All three can be done through a PC, Tablet or a Smart Phone.

Design and Technology

Google Advertising Professional
Yahoo Search Engine Certified Representative

Since internet has no boundaries

It is very important to create a good Website Design, not only with nice pictures, but also easy to find, very well optimized using the latest techniques and an Effective Internet Marketing thus making your website appear on the main Online Listings, Maps and Search Engines like Google and Bing.